Empathy, Kindness, Transparency and Candid Conversations

31 minutes

Joining Deborah from Nottinghamshire in the UK, Andy Davies, Global Head of Enablement for People First, talks about the importance of authentic leadership and empathy in creating a great place to work. By simply being kinder, more transparent and having regular, candid conversations, we can truly transform workplace culture, even if there is zero budget for technology or coaching and change management. 

Andy discusses the power of having regular "check-ins" instead of only having an annual performance review or only having a conversation when an employee is not performing at the levels we would prefer.

From a leadership perspective, the work really starts here. What can you do to be kinder and more empathetic towards your employees? What changes would you need to make in order to have more regular check-in conversations and create a safe space where every individual feels safe to be their authentic self?

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