Welcome to the Leadership Burrito

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Welcome to the Leadership Burrito!

Join Leadership & Culture Changemaker, writer and coach, Deborah Hartung, as she interviews global though leaders and industry experts on all things leadership, workplace culture,  technology and people in the new world of work. 

The format of our show is simple: we serve up one themed Leadership Burrito per quarter.

Each burrito contains up to 10 bytes (episodes) featuring a different guest who will be speaking about a topic relating to our overall theme for the quarter.  You can binge on all the bytes in one sitting, or you can digest the content at your leisure.

Sit back, get comfy and get your fill of all things leadership, culture, people and tech in the new world of work.

Coming June 2019 our First Burrito (Season 1) : Toxic Workplace Culture

Never miss a byte! 

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